VNMG Insert Full Form

Are you looking for VNMG Insert Full Form then this post is for you – The full name of VNMG insert is V-shaped negative-rack milling insert with grooving capability. It is a type of indexable carbide turning insert used for various machining operations including facing, grooving and finishing. VNMG inserts are characterized by their V-shaped geometry, which provides a sharp cutting edge and good chip control. They also have a negative rake angle, which helps reduce cutting forces and improve tool life.

VNMG Insert Full Form

  • V – V-shaped cutting edge
  • N – Negative rake angle
  • M – Milling insert
  • G – Grooving ability

VNMG inserts are available in different sizes and geometries to suit different applications. They are usually mounted in a P-type tool holder.

Some Benefits of Using VNMG INSERT:

A sharp cutting edge provides a good surface finish.
A negative rake angle reduces cutting force and improves tool life.
V-shaped geometry provides good chip control.
Available in various sizes and geometries to suit various applications.

If you are looking for high-performance indexable carbide turning inserts for a variety of machining tasks, VNMG inserts are a great choice.

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