Bho Je Vidhyabhavan

Bho Je Vidhyabhavan is an institute of higher education and research in Ahmedabad run by the Gujarat Rajya Vidya Sabha. Gujarat was formed for the spread of education and the development of Gujarati language and literature. Founded in 1848 AD in Ahmedabad, it became the leading institution of Gujarat.

Sheth B.J. Vidyabhavan: 1939 Department of Higher Studies and Research was started here under the guidance of Acharya Anandshankar Dhruva. This Vidyabhav was recognized by the University of Mumbai in AD 1939-40 for postgraduate teaching and research in three subjects namely Sanskrit, Ancient Indian Culture and Gujarati Language. Prof. Rasiklal Parikh Bho who was the Chairman of Vidya Bhavan for Studies and Research. Also ten teachers were included in the Vidya Bhavan along with the chairman.

Bho Je Vidhyabhavan Full Form

Seeing the progress of this department, Seth Bholabhai Jeshingbhai of Mumbai donated two lakh rupees in 1945-1946. Gujarat Vernacular Society is now named ‘Gujarat Vidya Sabha’. The Educational Department named the institute ‘Seth Bholabhai Jeshingbhai Adhyayan-Sanshodhan Vidya Bhavan‘ which we know as Bho Je Vidya Bhavan.

Seth Bholabhai Jeshingbhai Adhyayan-Sanshodhan Vidya Bhavan

Persian and Arabic languages were added for postgraduate education. Going forward
Extra-curricular subjects like Bengali and Drama, Almanac-Mathematics, Vrittavidya were added. From Vidya Bhawan Ph.D. Accredited in various subjects for guidance. Research-libraries are prepared and published by various eminent scholars. Bho Je Vidya Bhavan grew with the establishment of Gujarat University in 1950.

After Brahmachari Wadi started Ramanand College, Yashwant Shukla’s service and many teachers transferred there Prof. Over time H. Ka. Next to Arts College Bho. J. The institute’s own building was constructed in 1960 on the banks of the river on Ashram Marg for Vidya Bhavan. Thus, the various activities of Vidya Bhavan progressed progressively.

The activities of researches, research books, definitions, publications etc. continued to increase. This Santha published ‘Political and Cultural History of Gujarat’ in a series of 9 volumes.

Also, a revised edition of Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana was published in four volumes. Started a research-magazine named ‘Sampya’. By now Bho. J. By 72 students Vidya Bhavan Ph.D. degree and published about 85 research papers.

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