How To Activate Jio 5G: A Step-by-Step Guide

Your Query Is How To Activate Jio 5G? One of the major telecom operators of India, Jio has offered 5G services in selected cities and is gradually expanding its coverage. If you are a Jio customer with a compatible smartphone, it is a direct process to activate the correct 5G services of Geo. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to activate Jio 5G on your smartphone.

What is Jio 5G?

GEO 5G is a single (SA) -A fifth pay -generation (5G) cellular connectivity based on single (SA), providing high -speed data and low delays. Unlike the Non-Standol One (NSA) network, which depends on the existing 4G infrastructure, Jio’s SA 5G is composed by the ground up, providing the best motion, coverage and stability.

How Can I Activate 5G For Free on Jio?

To activate the Jio 5G, you need to: Make sure your phone supports 5G. You can see it by visiting the settings of your phone and finding the “favorite network type” option. If 5G is listed as an alternative, your phone supports 5G. Make sure you are in the 5G coverage area. You can see it using the Jio 5G coverage map.

How To Activate Jio 5G – Enable 5G on your phone. The steps to do this will change depending on the model of your phone. However, in general, you will need to go to your phone settings and select 5G as a network type choice. Once you do these things, you should be able to connect to Jio 5G. You can see it by finding 5G symbol in your phone status bar.

Here are specific stages to activate Jio 5G on Android and iPhone.

How To Activate Jio 5G on Android?

How to activate Jio 5G
How to activate Jio 5G
  1. Open the “Settings” app on your Android smartphone.
  2. For a “mobile network” or a single setting and choose it.
  3. Select the Jio SIM card on which you want to enable 5G.
  4. Choose the “Favorite Network Type” option.
  5. Among the available options, select “5G”.
  6. Ensure that mobile data is enabled and Wi-Fi is off. This phase needs to be displayed in the 5G symbol status bar, which shows that 5G services are active.

How To Activate Jio 5G on iPhone?

Please note that according to the information given, 5G support on iPhone in India may require future iOS software FT ware updates. However, for the iPhone 12 series and more iPhone users, here is how you can enable Jio 5G:

  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the “Cellular” menu inside the settings.
  • Choose “Cellular Data Options”.
  • Tap on “Voice is and data” and select “5G Auto toe” or “5G”.
  • Your iPhone will be connected to the 5G network when available, and the 5G symbol status will be constantly visible that 5G services are capable.

Jio 5G Speed And Availability

Jio 5G services are currently available in selected cities including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata and others. Initially, the case of access to 5G services of Jio is provided by an invitation -e -dad testing program called “Jio Welcome of Fur”. Invited customers can enjoy unlimited Jio 5G data with a speed of more than 1 GBPS. People registered in welcome fur will be automatically upgraded to Geo True 5G services without changing their existing Jio SIM or 5G handset.

How To Check if There is Jio 5G in Your Area?

To see if there are Jio 5G services in your area, you can download the speedtest through the Ok Clani app on your mobile phone. After completing the setup process and allowing the necessary permission, select the map option in the application. Dark blue spots on the map represent 5G coverage areas. You can zoom to get specific details and go to those areas.

I Hope You Can Get All Information About How To Activate Jio 5G. If you have any problems activating Jio 5G, you can contact Jio customer support for help.

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