Smriti Memorial Park & Museum | Gujarat Bhuj Memorial Park & Museum

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Smriti Memorial Park & Museum |  Gujarat Bhuj Memorial Park & Museum

On 26th January 2001, a unique incident was witnessed in the state of Gujarat.  Its effect was especially seen in Kutch of Gujarat.  The incident which was a natural disaster was a massive earthquake.  The day of this incident was a touching day in the history of Gujarat.  Because this earthquake took the lives of thousands of people in Gujarat.  If we remember that, tears flow from the eyes.

Smriti Van Memorial Park And Museum

In view of this earthquake event, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji organized a unique initiative which is “Smritivan Memorial Park“.  It was decided to build a memorial for around 13,805 people who died during the massive earthquake.  But for this it was also necessary to choose a suitable place.  After much deliberation, Bhujio Dungar was chosen as the site for establishing the Smruti Van.  Its memorial area is 406 acers.

Smritivan Memorial Park Yojana launched an initiative to plant one tree for 13805 earthquake victims.  Kutch has come a long way in terms of development under the Smritivan Memorial Park scheme.  After the earthquake, the people of Kutch got a normal life again with good plans.  Kutch has developed due to Bhujia Dungar, Kutch Run, and Smritivan Memorial Park bhuj.

GSDMA appointed consultants to prepare a proper vision plan for the memorial site.  The Society will be entrusted with the management and monitoring of the development of the Smriti Van Memorial by GSDMA.  After full development, Smriti Van will be considered the property of the State Government.

Smriti van park bhuj

Smriti Memorial Park & Museum |  Gujarat Bhuj Memorial Park & Museum

Within the “Smritivan Smarak” there are several institutions built, such as Arts and Conference facilities, Library, Documentation Centre, Living Heritage and Interpretation Center and The Orientation Center which tourists visiting Kutch will enjoy.  A new cultural landscape has emerged here due to the Smritivan memorial.

To increase the attraction of the people “Smriti van Memorial Museum” consists of seven blocks which have been given names related to Rebirth, Rediscovery, Restoration, Reconstruction, Rethinking, Recovery and Renewal to give specific information to the coming visitors.  A memorial in the “Smriti Van Memorial Museum” houses the name plates of the 12,932 victims who lost their lives during the earthquake.

About Smriti van Memorial Museum Seven blocks 

First Block: Shows the evolution of the world and the ability to control it.

Second Block : Gujarat State Vulnerable to Natural Disasters and based on the Rediscover theme, shows the topography of Gujarat.

Third block : This block shows the immediate effect of the earthquake, here individuals And there are galleries addressing the massive efforts made by the institutions.

Fourth Block : Here are the success stories after the 2001 earthquake of 2001 And there are talks of reconstruction of Gujarat.

Fifth Block : This block seems to be future because here visitors Brainstorming has been shown to reduce disasters, damage, and loss of life.

Sixth Block : There is a 5D simulator to experience and experience the reality of an earthquake event.

Seventh Block : Here is a memorial space where people can pay their respects to the souls of the departed.

Here you will get a glimpse of the rich Harappan culture, seismology, heritage, culture and art of Gujarat through the monumental control room and real-time emergency situations.  Basalt rock is used in the construction of walls and floors of these museums.  The Smritivan Memorial Museum has been made earthquake-proof.

Smritivan Memorial Park is spread over a large area.  Which is 84 types of trees and the target is to plant and conserve 33,500 trees.  Rain water irrigation system was improved to overcome the problem of water scarcity.

This Smriti One Memorial Park was inaugurated by the Prime Minister on Sunday 28, August 2022.  The place of which was Gujarat, Bhuj.

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Where is Smriti Van Park located?

Ans: Smriti Van Park is located in Bhuj, Gujarat.

What is the area of ​​smriti van park?

Ans: 406 acres is the area of ​​smriti van park.

How Many blocks in Smriti Van Museum bhuj?

Ans: 7 blocks in Smriti Van Museum bhuj.

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